To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, an increasing number of companies are implementing remote work (work from home).

When remote work is implemented, how should you work while maintaining your traditional performance? Here is an introduction to how you can build a comfortable environment, including the advantages and disadvantages.

What is remote work?

Remote work is a working style in which people communicate remotely through online tools such as a PC instead of face-to-face.

What is home-based work?

This is a type of remote work, in which you work from home.

How to work from home

When people are asked to refrain from going outside to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the areas where they can work remotely will be severely limited. Check your aptitudes and learn the art of working from home.

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Benefits of Remote Work

(1) Enhance work-life balance

For the time being, the priority now is to protect the "three densities", so it will be possible to work remotely, leading to infection prevention. Being able to work anywhere also means that you can create your own personal comfort zone according to the weather, the season, or your physical condition.

(2) Reduction of costs

This will lead to a reduction in costs related to travel, such as the cost of commuting to work. It also helps to retain talent because it allows you to connect with talent across the country via online.

Disadvantages of Remote Work

(1) The possibility of poor communication.

There is a lack of communication compared to face-to-face, which can lead to poor productivity.

(2) The risk of information leakage

What if the computer where business information and emails are exchanged is lost? In addition to the theft and loss, there is also a risk of information leakage such as hacking. There is also a need to manage information and enforce internal rules.

Remote work know-how

Here are some tips to help you get your work in order when remote work becomes available.

(1) Groom yourself in the morning.

You don't have to leave the house, you don't have to take the train to work, and it's that kind of comfortable environment that makes it important to switch on and off. Get dressed, ventilate the room, and clean up.

(2) Make your mind at ease

You can also take time out of your regular commute to work to meditate or have a cup of warm green tea to get in shape.

(3) Be physically active

I made an effort to get outside at least once every half day and be physically active. Get up from your chair and do some stretching and calisthenics at least once an hour if you can. Get the rest you need to stay focused.

(4) Soak up the sun's rays

Soak up the sunshine when the weather is nice. Instead of holed up in the house and sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time, keep your body in shape by releasing serotonin.

(5) decide on a work space

When you work, you're like, "I work here! By setting up your own zones, you can focus on your workspace. It's close to the on-off concept.

(6) develop a new channel for communication

The more you focus on your work, the more purpose-based and conversation-oriented you become. In order to build relationships and communicate smoothly, deliberately creating a chit-chat channel and a check-in channel where people can share their physical condition and moods is also effective.

(7) A place where you can ask questions and consult with ease

By setting up a place where you can casually ask questions when you have a problem, it will be easier to follow up on minor questions, such as questions in a situation where relationships have not yet been established.

Virtual background (so that the room is not visible)

If you don't want your room to be visible over an online meeting, why not change the background?

  • Use a different application

    • Snap Camera (Snap Inc.)

      • Available on Zoom, Google Hangout and Ding Talk

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