The WHO and other governments claim that running is effective in maintaining and improving immune function. For those of you who are interested in starting a run, here are some ways to keep running fun.

Before you go on a run

Aerosols are produced when running, so there is a risk of infection if you don't go the distance. Leave 2-3m in width and 10m in length.

Wearing the right shoes

The important thing before you start a run, is to choose the right shoes for your feet. You may see people running in sneakers from time to time, but running shoes are highly recommended for a fun running experience without getting injured. There are three points to consider when choosing shoes.

  1. The fit around the heel

When you try shoes on, be sure to fit the heel and test the size.

  1. The fit around the foot width and instep

Wearing shoes that feel "tight" will put pressure on your feet, and shoes that feel "loose" will not allow you to receive proper support from your shoes. It is recommended that you try shoes on in the evening when your feet are most swollen throughout the day.

  1. The fit around the toes

Hitting your toes or leaving too much room can lead to trouble with your toes. The space between the toe and the tip of the shoe should be the length of your thumbnail.

**How to try on shoes without physically visiting the store
Here, we would like to recommend three ways how.

1) Prime Wardrobe
This is a service provided by amazon where you could try things on at home. There's a lot more than just shoes, so it may be a good idea that you order running wears or socks that you're interested in.

2) Try On
This service is offered by On, a Swiss running brand that has become very popular in recent years, and it offers returns and exchanges for a limited time of 30 days. Choose a model or color you like and order multiple selections of sizes.

3) Online Shops of sports brand
Brands like ASICS, NIKE, and adidas also offer a similar return and exchange service.

(Source in Japanese: Runtrip Magazine)

Let's set a time goal, not distance

If you haven't been in the habit of running before, try starting with a time run instead of a distance run. This is recommended for psychological reasons.

A distance run is a run for a predetermined distance. If you don't complete the target distance you have set for yourself, your motivation tends to drop.

On the other hand, a time run is a run for a set amount of time. For example, if you decide to run for 15 minutes, you are done when 15 minutes are up. The point is to keep moving. If you're tired, you can switch to walking, so keep your body moving until the appointed time is up.

As your body gets used to it, the distance you can move in the same amount of time will change and your motivation will increase.

Find a destination close by

It should get boring to run the same course every time. Knowing how to entertain yourself is the key to continuous running habit.

  1. Using Google Map

Check out the parks, riversides, and well-maintained greenways around your home. Running in a place surrounded by nature will help you feel refreshed.

  1. Use a service where you can find a running course

Apps where you can find a nearby running course are also recommended.

ex) Strava
The app is used by runners and cyclists around the world. Three course patterns are provided as suggestions based on its own big data.

Find friends online to encourage each other

It is important to have friends who can encourage and inspire you to keep going while having fun, so try posting on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, as well as the following social networks that runners only use.

  1. Strava

This is a SNS for athletes where you can record how much you ran. If you want to stay motivated by numbers, this app should be good.


This also will help you keep track of your record just like Strava. It also has a system that creates a work out plan for you.

There are varieties of services, so please try them out and find the one that fits perfectly for you.