The most basic and important thing to prevent infections is to keep them from entering your body. A new type of coronavirus can enter the body by touching the virus on the surface of an object or by touching the eyes, nose or mouth with a contaminated hand. It is said that a person touches his or her face about 1,000 times a day, so washing your hands is the most important way to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

Also, in the unlikely event that you are infected, washing your hands will prevent you from spreading the virus by touching them with your hands. The virus dissolves and breaks the membrane on the surface by the soap. This means that by washing your hands frequently in the correct manner, you can prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus and prevent the spread of the infection.


Video commentary(proofreading必要)

The Perfect Handwashing Course Taught by a Surgeon(proofreading必要)

Commentary animation by an orthopedic doctor who is strict about the cleanest hand washing among all the doctor's subjects. It's pretty long, but it's guaranteed to help you master the "perfect" handwashing.

Proper Hand Washing Technique


The idea of reversing the idea of "putting on ink" instead of "removing dirt" is an excellent movie. It will help you understand which moves to make and where to wash them.

Starr's Hand Washing Video(proofreading必要)

PPAP -2020-

Hand washing animation by Pico Taro. There was no such thing as a PPAP! It became a topic of conversation.

Wash Your Hands

Handwashing dance" animation by everyone of Arashi. By memorizing the lyrics and choreography, you'll learn how to wash your hands properly.

With the kids.(proofreading必要)

Kao "Song of washing hands"

It's a little old video, but it's only Kao's official video, so it's as good as it gets. Your kids will have fun washing their hands too.

Hand-washing Paprika

The chorus part of "Paprika" is a parody animation made by the fact that it is just 20 seconds. Have fun washing your hands while singing along with your child.

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