We developed a very inexpensive, safe and comfortable disposable face shield that can be made in about 30 seconds using an A4 clear file.

It is an easy to use face shield that is supported by three points of the front, parietal, and back of the head, and has high stability and good ventilation of the parietal part of the head.

1. Put the printed paper in the clear folder.

Print the top PDF in full A4 size and align the bottom right corner with the open corner of the clear folder.

Please use a high transparency PP or PET clear folder. Make sure you have enough clarity before you cut.

2. cut along the lines.

Cut three places along the line of the CUT. the length of the HEAD BAND is the standard length of a male band, so please adjust the length according to the size of the head of the person wearing it.

3. put it on and you're done!

Fold back the headband and put it on and you're done. It's as comfortable as any expensive face shield on the market.

Product Design : EIsuke Tachikawa, Lee NiyenGraphic Design : Eisuke TachikawaMovie : Jin Nagao