Various organizations including the government, international organizations, and companies are providing grants and activities to help combat the coronavirus. Here we would like to introduce some of the options.

Subsidies for unemployment, leave of absence, etc.

This is the Prime Minister's Office page that provides relevant information for your "troubles and anxieties," such as concerns about your health and concerns about declining sales.

Support menus offered by the METI is listed comprehensively in this website.

It comprehensively describes the various menus of support offered by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

POTETO Media (Japanese Only)

POTETO Media, whose motto is "Politics, Easy to Understand," has compiled this site to summarize the corona countermeasure system. If you fill in your demographic information, you will be able to narrow down your advice to some extent.

Grants for COVID-19 control projects

This is a coronavirus support program by the crowdfunding site, CAMPFIRE. If you enter by 4/30 and publish your page by 7/31, you are eligible and the service fee will be relaxed from 12% to 0%.

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