Editorial Policy

How PANDAID works

This is a website that anyone can edit using a service called Google Sites. It was built by Eisuke Tachikawa founder of NOSIGNER , and released with the participation of other company employees. We are currently looking for volunteer staff.

Editorial Policy

・Gather information where scientific facts have been presented.

・Achieve articles and designs that convey scientific information to the general public in an appealing way.

・To enrich the content that ordinary people can practice by themselves.

Even in countries where there is no CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), if effective information is gathered correctly, effective countermeasures can be spread among citizens.

We would like to develop PANDAID into a "correct, fun and interesting" anti-infection website that can be used by people all over the world.

It is up to us to take action against the new coronavirus, COVID-19, an unseen terror raging around the world. I want to reduce the number of people who feel sad. Share the wisdom to protect yourself with someone you care about.

What can you help with

[translating the website]

Create other language versions of the website. We are currently using Deepl Translation to translate the website to other languages, It's best if you can speak the language but It's OK if you can't and just make it with a translator.

[Content Writing/Editing].

We're looking for help from editors and writers who can bring a variety of content to the website. It's important to work with reliable sources.

[Expert's Knowledge]

We would like to receive insights from experts who are willing to write articles about various relevant topics.


If you are a good at drawing simple and easy to understand illustrations, you could help a lot!

Submission Rules

You will need a computer and a Google account to edit.

We want to deliver simple to understand and valid information that everyone can grasp and not only experts or medical practitioners, so please submit articles that fit this policy. New articles and content will not be released immediately, as they are set to be visible to management only. First, we will check the edited versions and after approval we will make them public.

How to participate in this site

PANDAID is made up of volunteers from NOSIGNER and its participants. In editing this site, we want to deliver useful information can help many people in the coronavirus situation.

Anyone who respects the content is welcome to participate.

We are looking for people who can spend at least one hour everyday on this project but the more the better because it is a time consuming job and we need to share information as soon as possible in order to help as many people as possible..

Please fill out the form below with your Google account e-mail address.

Please send us your request as "PANDAID volunteer"

and you will be invited to co-edit on Google Site.

(Currently Japanese communication only.)

*In the event when the site gets corrupted, a hoax, a prank, or the content is inappropriate due to editing, this website will be deleted.Editing history is recorded and the editing access may be denied at the discretion of the operation.Please be aware If the management determines that the project have been disrupted, you may not be able to contribute to the project anymore.


Representative: Eisuke Tachikawa

Administration NOSIGNER https://nosigner.com

Volunteers who have been involved


Aleister Kelman / shoji asaba / Sanae Wilson / 上田昂輝 / 太田垣英輝 / 岡部美楠子 / 岡本亜希 / 奥田直辰 / 花鳥 / 坂上彰啓 / 芝哲也 / Joy Xu / Conomi Suzuki / ちひろ / 福野泰介 / 星野真吾 / ほぼの / 本田 / Mitsuda Kazuyoshi / みや / 山本悠巳子


秋田祐志 / ayaneish / 安藤哲也 / Yuki Uchida / naoko kato / 木村元紀 / 小牧弘和 / サカマキ / 佐々木綾子 / しまあじいさき / 清水淳史 / Junki / 白神しのぶ / 杉本あい / たくちゃん / 中尾克代 / Yuka Nakagawa / 中森葉月 / Harucca / pippi / 松本祐典 / 宮下菜歩 / 杢保 順也


Yasuharu Ohno / KaoriM / 嘉山幸子 / cocoroe / Mimu Sakuma / Sari / Satoko T / 蓑口恵美




くるむほるん / しゃちP


石川カオリ / けい / MT / chaba / teshi / nats / Josh Feng / ワンダ

management and contributors

NOSIGNER's volunteer team: https://nosigner.com

Eisuke Tachikawa (Representative)




Mate Olah (intern)

Donations to the Project

As a non-profit initiative, we accept donations to support this project. (Since the mother organization is not a non-profit organization, the donation will be administered as a gift and there will be no tax deduction)



普通 1138444


Please write "Kif (name)" in the name field when transferring the money to the above account.

It would be appreciated if you could email us at info●nosigner.com after your donation.

The donations will be used to fund the activities of PANDAID.

*Please change "●" to "@".