3D Printing MASK


We will show you how to make and use a 3D printing mask based on the PITATT 3D printing mask. If you have a 3D printer, please give it a try.

  1. Background

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we could not buy masks and we could not use them casually. Thinking that many people have the same problem, I couldn't help but do something about it, so I used 3D printer technology to create a mask that can be used sustainably by replacing only the filter. By scanning the face in 3D and creating the mask data from the 3D model of the face, we've been able to improve the shape of the mask for a better fit.

We hope that the PITATT 3D print mask can be your help.

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2. What is PITATT 3D print mask

This mask has an inner filter that can be removed with one touch. The filter is held in place by the inner part, so that the filter does not hit your mouth and is comfortable to wear. Simply replace the filter inside and you can use it again and again.

3. Features of the PITATT 3D print mask

One-touch filter change

The filter is sandwiched between two parts, the inner and outer. You can easily remove the filter with the push of a button on the outside to keep it clean at all times. (Filters can utilize any material you have on hand, such as cloth, gauze, or tissue paper.)

V-shaped locking mechanism

It's also easy to attach the string. Simply hook the knot into the V-shaped groove to attach the string. There is no roughness on the back side, so it feels good to wear.

Easy-to-print design

The modeling was done assuming the most common 3D printing method (FDM) output. You can easily print without any support settings.

4-1. How to make (1/3) - Downloading the model

It is available in two sizes, REGULAR and SMALL. Each folder contains three files: the outer mask modeling, the inner mask modeling, and the terms of use. Please read the Terms of Use before use.



4-2. How to make (2/3) - Printing

Use a 3D printer to print the outer and inner models.

4-3.How to make (3/3) - Attaching a rubber band

Hook the elastic band to the V-shaped hole on the side of the outer. The explanatory video introduces three types of rubber bands: handicraft rubber bands, repurposed rubber bands for disposable masks, and common rubber bands.

Please watch the video (about 2 minutes) for details on how to attach the rubber strap.

5-1. How to use (1/2) - Removal of the filter

The structure of the 3D printed mask is that the filter is sandwiched between the outer and inner parts of the mask. Use tissue paper or kitchen paper for the filter.

I'll use tissue paper as an example to illustrate. Fold the tissue paper a little larger than the hole in the outer modeling. The inner is pushed in from the top of the outer and tissue paper so that the flat side is the underside of the mask until it clicks, and the installation is complete.

To remove the filter, press the protruding part of the outer part to remove the inner part and remove the filter.

For details on how to remove the filter, please watch the video (about 1 minute).

5-1. How to use (2/2) - How to wash

The 3D-printed outer and innerwear are reusable. First, remove the elastic band. Next, wash your hands with soap. After washing by hand and wiping up the moisture thoroughly, wipe the entire area with an alcohol disinfectant and the cleaning is complete.

Reattach the rubber strap, install a new filter, and that's it!

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